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Bubble Tea Training—The Most Professional Bubble Tea Training Course Directly From China

Guangzhou Runming Food Technology Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in producing high quality bubble tea tea materials. Established in 2009, our factory is Ecocert NOP & EU organic-certified, Halal & ISO22000 certified with over 10 years of experience in tea manufacturing and exporting.

Chinese Course中文课程

Start your bubble tea training

At present, we provide two options for bubble tea training: a 3-day program and a 5-day program. Both training courses are highly interactive and can be tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of each individual client.

3 Days training 

40 different types bubble & fruit teas and others

5 Days training

60 different types of bubble & fruit teas and others



/per person

additional one person USD300

3 Day Basic package

  • When the initial order payment reaches $5000, customers are eligible for a $500 training fee deduction, reducing the order amount to $4500. For orders with a payment of $10000, customers can deduct $700 for training fees, resulting in a payable amount of $9300. Customers whose initial order payment reaches $15000 can deduct $1000 for training fees, making the order amount $14000.
  • After the 3 or 5-day training, we offer the following additional services:
  •  1.High-definition pictures of all productsEnglish Standard 2.Operating Procedures (SOP) for each product           3.Employee training list                                                     4.Management training list                                                     5.Tea information training list                                                   6.Required equipment list for a bubble tea shop

3 day course schedule

bubble tea training (43)

Day 1

Basic tea knowledge;
How to brew teas;
How to cook tapioca pearls & other taros
Bubble Milk Tea Series
Cheese Foam Series

Day 2

Fruit Tea Series
Lemon tea series

Day 3

Smoothie & latte Series;
Hand-made Pudding & Hand-made Jelly series
Toppings, and reviews of bubble tea making process
Help bubble tea shop floor planning
Help menu completion
Help finalize list of required equipment & tools for bubble tea shop

5 day course schedule

bubble tea training (5)

Day 1

Tea knowledge introduction & professional tea tasting learning;
How to brew teas;
How to cook tapioca pearls & other taros
Bubble Milk Tea Series
Cheese Foam Series

Day 2

Fruit Tea Series
Lemon tea series

Day 3

Smoothie & latte Series;
Ice-creaming series;
Hand-made Pudding & Hand-made Jelly series

Day 4

New trends bubble tea series
New fruit teas series

Day 5

Topping series
Reviews of bubble tea making process
Help bubble tea shop floor planning
Help menu completion
Help finalize list of required equipment & tools for bubble tea shop

The advantages of our course

Compared to other bubble tea training programs, our course offers distinct features to ensure our trainees gain exceptional value and an unmatched learning experience:

  1. Tailored One-on-One Training: Unlike institutions with large group classes, we provide personalized one-on-one training for highly effective learning. Trainees can customize their plans based on individual progress and needs, gaining ample practical experience. Free retraining opportunities are also available for true skill mastery.

  2. Extensive Tea Knowledge: Our focus is on imparting professional tea knowledge, enabling trainees to understand flavors, aromas, and textures of each tea variety. We teach tea cupping techniques, empowering trainees to select high-quality ingredients. This elevates brand recognition and creates memorable, consumer-resonating bubble tea products.

  3. Customized Menus: We offer menus tailored to target consumers' preferences in different international markets. Whether it's a 3-day or 5-day program, we teach the latest beverage-making techniques and concepts, helping trainees stand out in the fiercely competitive bubble tea market.

  4. No Hidden Fees: Rest assured, we promise no additional fees during the training process. Trainees need not worry about financial burdens as we prioritize their learning experience with comprehensive and caring services.

  5. Regular Free Updates: We provide regular updates on the latest bubble tea products, ensuring trainees stay ahead with innovative inspirations and market trends, maintaining a competitive edge.

  6. Cutting-Edge Concepts: Our course concepts stay current with the latest trends. Trainees learn up-to-date beverage-making techniques, innovative concepts, and market trends. We foster forward-thinking individuals with strong innovation capabilities, becoming industry elites in the bubble tea field.

  7. No Supplementary Ingredient Sales: Unlike other institutions, we focus solely on imparting skills and knowledge, without additional sales pressures. Trainees grasp core content without distractions.

With these unique features, our training course equips trainees with efficient, professional, and innovative bubble tea-making skills, enabling success in the competitive market. We eagerly anticipate partnering with you to build a successful bubble tea business!


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How do I train?

We highly suggest considering an in-person training session in China, where you can immerse yourself in the experience. Additionally, this would provide an excellent opportunity to explore other bubble material factories, such as syrup, tapioca pearls, and jams manufacturers. You can gain valuable insights into the industry. Moreover, you may take the chance to explore Guangzhou, one of China's largest and most modern cities, after completing the learning and business schedules.

However, due to the ongoing impact of COVID, we now recommend opting for an online training program. Through platforms like WhatsApp, we can conduct face-to-face communication and share detailed, customized videos in English, demonstrating the entire process of making each product. To enhance the virtual learning experience, we will also arrange for the delivery of the essential bubble tea training course's tea and syrup directly to your address using express shipping. This way, you can still receive hands-on materials for practice and study while ensuring your safety and convenience.

Is the bubble tea training class public or private?

This exclusive bubble tea training course is customizable to suit individual client preferences. You have the flexibility to tailor the training based on your specific needs and goals.

Regarding the number of associates, for in-person training at our factory in China, the training fee covers one person. However, if you wish to bring additional associates, there will be a nominal fee of USD 500 per extra person.

Alternatively, if you opt for the online training option, you can share all the training videos with your friends and colleagues at no extra cost. This way, everyone can benefit from the valuable knowledge and expertise provided during the training sessions.

How do you get started

To get started, you can reach out to us through Email or Whatsapp. Our contact information is readily available on our website.

Once you've contacted us, kindly inform us about your preferred training package.

Next, proceed with arranging the payment for the selected package.

Lastly, please specify whether you prefer face-to-face training in China or opt for online training. We want to ensure we meet your training needs in the most convenient and effective way possible.

What other additional service can I get after the bubble tea training?

Upon the completion of our comprehensive bubble tea training, we are committed to providing ongoing, long-term support, and consultation services to all our clients. Our post-training support includes:

  1. Assisting with menu creation to ensure a diverse and appealing bubble tea selection.

  2. Offering consultation on the optimal floor layout for your bubble tea shop to maximize efficiency and customer flow.

  3. Providing a detailed list of essential equipment and supplies required for your bubble tea shop to run smoothly.

  4. Supplying high-definition, finished advertising images of bubble teas for effective marketing and promotional activities.

  5. Extending operational support and guidance to set up your bubble tea shop successfully.

  6. Keeping you updated with the latest trends in bubble teas and fruit teas, enabling you to stay ahead in the industry.

We are also available to help you with menu completion and finalizing the list of necessary equipment and tools specific to your unique bubble tea shop requirements. Our goal is to ensure your success in the bubble tea business, and we'll be there to support you every step of the way.

Who is teaching the class?

Our bubble tea training program is divided into two main parts to provide a comprehensive learning experience:

Part One: Fundamentals of Tea Knowledge In this segment, you will be guided by certified tea-tasters from the esteemed Chinese Tea Institute. They will cover essential topics related to tea, including an overview of the six different tea categories, professional tea-tasting techniques, and the main ingredients responsible for the varying degrees of bitterness and astringency in teas. This foundational tea knowledge will serve as a crucial building block for the subsequent bubble tea training.

Part Two: Bubble Tea Crafting by Expert Bartenders The second part of the training will be conducted by our highly skilled and experienced bubble tea bartenders. They will start by teaching you the basics of tea-brewing and the art of cooking tapioca pearls. As you progress, you will learn the intricacies of crafting different types of bubble teas, exploring various techniques and processes involved in creating these delightful beverages.

By combining the expertise of certified tea-tasters and accomplished bubble tea bartenders, our training program ensures that you gain a comprehensive understanding of both the art of tea and the craft of making exceptional bubble teas. This holistic approach equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the world of bubble tea.

How many associates can I bring?

In the event that you opt for on-site training at our factory in China, the training fee will cover one person. For each additional participant, there will be an extra charge of USD 500 per person.

However, if you decide to go for online training, you have the advantage of sharing all the training videos with your friends and colleagues. This allows for a more collaborative learning experience, enabling everyone to benefit from the valuable training materials.

If you choose face to face training in China

Afterward, we'll be glad to assist you with hotel reservations and handle the rest, leaving you with nothing to fret about. Simply book your plane tickets, and China awaits your arrival.

If you choose online training

Below, we will provide you with a detailed communication plan:

  1. We'll work together to customize the bubble tea shop menu according to your preferences. After finalizing the menu, we will send you tea samples for you to taste and evaluate.

  2. You will receive a comprehensive list of required equipment, tools, and other essential bubble tea materials. These items can be purchased locally for your convenience.

  3. Through a combination of videos and face-to-face communication, we will demonstrate the tea brewing and bubble tea preparation processes. This ensures you have a clear understanding of each step.

  4. If any adjustments are needed to the taste or menu, we'll promptly send another batch of teas for your evaluation and refinement.

  5. To support your marketing efforts, we will share high-definition images of the finished bubble teas for you to use in future advertisements.

  6. Additionally, we'll provide a list of equipment, tools, and materials necessary for the successful launch of your bubble tea shop.

  7. For optimal store layout, we offer expert consultation to ensure your bubble tea shop is efficiently organized.

  8. Throughout the setup process, we will provide ongoing support and guidance to ensure everything runs smoothly.

  9. As new bubble tea trends emerge, we'll keep you updated and provide support for incorporating trendy bubble teas and fruit teas into your menu.

Rest assured, our online training is highly effective, and you need not worry about the quality of your learning experience.