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Grape Oolong tea

Product Name: Ripe Grape Oolong Tea

Item code: XYL-094

Ingredients: Oolong tea, food-grade flavor

Origin: Guangzhou, China

Standard: EU standard, CN standard

MOQ: 50KG(100bags)

Package: 500g/bag; or pyramid tea bag

Shelf time: 36 months

Storage method: keep in dry place, sealed, away from direct sunlight. 

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Grape Cheese Foam Tea

Material used:

Tea soup: 300ml,  cheese foam: 8g, frutose: 35g, ice cubes: 200g

Making process:
Pour tea soup, frutose & ice cubes into a shaker to shake, after adding cheese foam on the top.

Grape Fruit Tea

Material used:
Tea soup: 250ml, grape: 60g,  passion fruit :15g,  golden sugar syrup: 35g, Ice:200g, dragon fruit jelly:120g.

Making Process:
Finished cups add jelly to the cup first, add grape flesh to the shaker and crush it , then add passion fruit, syrup, tea soup, ice cubes, stir well and pour into the cup

Drinks-making SOP Video

Grape Oolong tea

A little knowledge about Grape Oolong Tea

What is Grape Oolong?

Grape Oolong is an Oolong tea with a captivating grape aroma, offering a harmonious and refreshing Oolong tea base. It is one of the signature fragrance-blended products by R&M.

How would you describe the aroma and taste of this tea? What are its unique characteristics compared to this product?

It carries a rich and enchanting grape aroma with a mellow and smooth taste that allows you to experience the refreshing flavor of Oolong tea along with the sweet grape notes. This product stands out with its prominent and natural grape fragrance, creating a distinct contrast to most Oolong teas. It also imparts a long-lasting aroma when used to make milk tea or fruit tea.

What is the brewing method for this product?

Pour 100-degree Celsius hot water over the tea leaves, cover, and steep for 12 minutes. Gently stir the tea at around 6-7 minutes of steeping. After filtering, add ice cubes. (Tea-water-ice ratio = 1:30:20).

What types of beverages is this product suitable for?

This product is suitable for making milk tea, lemon tea, fresh milk milk tea, milk cap tea, and fruit tea.