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Jasmine Green Tea

Product code: XYL-001

Product name: Jasmine Green Tea

Ingredients: pure jasmine-scented green tea

Standard: CN & EU standard

Appearance: jade green, strick tea shape

Infused tea liquid: clear, bright, yellow, strong jasmine flavor.

Taste: mellow, sweet after taste, thick.

Origin: Guangxi province, China


Package way: 500g/bag; or loose leaves per carton

Application: bubble tea shop, coffee & tea shop, restaurant, DIY bubble tea at home

Storage method: keep in dry place, sealed, away from direct sunlight. 

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Jasmine Strawberry Fruit Tea

Material used:

Tea soup: 200ml, milk: 30g, strawberry: 120g, fructose: 55g, ice cubes: 140g, cheese foam: 80g.

Making process:
Cut the strawberries into pieces and put them in a blender, then add tea soup, fructose, and ice cubes, and stir until smoothie, pour into the finished cup after stirring, add cheese foam enhance the taste.

Kumquat Passion Fruit Tea

Material Used:

Tea soup: 300ml, passion fruit :25g, kumquat: 2 pcs, golden sugar: 30g, ice cubes:300g

Making Process:

Add kumquat to the shaker and smash, add passion fruit pulp, tea soup, golden sugar, ice cubes, shake evenly and pour into the cup.


Jasmine Green Tea

A little knowledge about Jasmine Green Tea

What is Jasmine Green Tea?

Jasmine Flower Tea, also known as Jasmine Fragrant Tea or Jasmine Scented Tea, belongs to the category of flower tea. It is made by combining jasmine flowers with green tea leaves and has a history of over 1000 years. Jasmine Flower Tea is renowned for the harmonious blend of tea aroma and jasmine fragrance. It is often described as "the supreme taste of jasmine, the number one fragrance in the world." Jasmine Flower Tea is a widely popular flower tea with a broad production area, high yield, and diverse varieties. It features a fresh and enduring aroma, a mellow and refreshing taste, a bright yellow-green infusion color, and tender and uniform tea leaves. The meticulously crafted Jasmine Flower Tea has become a beloved beverage choice.

Many people appreciate Jasmine Flower Tea for its floral aroma. The floral aroma of Jasmine Flower Tea is gradually developed during the processing. Jasmine Flower Tea is created by combining jasmine flowers with tea leaves and allowing the tea leaves to absorb the floral fragrance. The release of fragrance from mature jasmine flowers is a result of enzymatic and physiological changes triggered by enzymes, temperature, moisture, oxygen, and other factors. As the flowers open up, they continuously release their aromatic compounds. The tea leaves absorb the fragrance through physical adsorption while also absorbing a significant amount of moisture. Through the permeation of water, a complex chemical adsorption occurs. Under the influence of heat and humidity, various chemical reactions take place, resulting in a gradual transformation of the tea infusion from green to yellow and a transition from a light astringency to a rich and mellow flavor, creating the unique aroma, color, and taste of floral tea.

What is special about this tea?

Our Jasmine Green Tea has a fresh and authentic aroma with pronounced jasmine and orchid fragrances. It also carries a subtle sweetness. The aroma is captivating without being overpowering, and the taste is refreshing and smooth. It pairs well with fruit tea, as it can serve as a base for fruit-infused teas using seasonal fruits.

What beverage does it usually make for?

Suitable for fruit tea, lemon tea, and milk tea.