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Duckshit Dancong Oolong Tea

Product name:  Duckshit Dancong Oolong

Item code:  XYLYS-001RE1

Ingredients:  Dancong Oolong

Origin: Guangdong, China

Standard:  CN standard

Package: 500g/bag; or pyramid tea bag

Shelf time: 36 months

MOQ: 50KG(100bags)

Storage method: keep in dry place, sealed, away from direct sunlight. 

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Dancong Crystal Bubble Tea

Material used:

Tea soup: 240ml, milk: 30g, cream: 25g, frutose: 30g, icecubes: 140g, crystal pearl: 30g

Making process:
Pour tea soup, milk, cream, frutose & icecubes into a shaker to sake, after adding some crystal pearls or tapioca pearls to enhance the taste.

Perfume Lemon Dancong Tea

Material Used:

Tea soup: 300ml, Perfume lemon: 6 slices, golden sugar syrup: 35g, Ice:250g

Making Process:

put perfume lemon slice into a shaker and smesh, then add golden sugar syrup and shake.

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Duckshit Dancong Oolong

A little knowledge about Duckshit Dancong(鸭屎香单丛)

Why it is called Duckshit Dancong Oolong?

Duckshit Dancong (鸭屎香单丛) is the abbreviated name for "Da Wu Ye Huang Zhi Xiang Dan Cong." The tea leaves are characterized by their deep green color and thickness. When brewed, the tea leaves and liquid release a natural sweet almond aroma or, in higher grades, a yellow gardenia aroma or a milk fragrance yellow gardenia aroma. The floral aroma is pronounced, intense, and long-lasting, with a strong aftertaste and a smooth mouthfeel. The fragrance and taste of this tea are considered the best among the Dan Cong teas, earning it the nickname "perfume in the world of tea."

Many tea enthusiasts find the name "Duckshit" (鸭屎香) peculiar when they first encounter it. They wonder how a tea can have an aroma resembling that of duck excrement. In reality, "Duckshit" originated in Pingkengtou Village, Fengxi District, Fenghuang Town, Chaozhou, where the tea is cultivated in soil rich in yellow clay. According to legend, when locals tried the tea and found it to have a rich aroma and exceptional flavor, they inquired about its variety. To protect the tea from being stolen, tea farmers casually responded that it was "Duckshit," thus giving it its name. It's important to note that there is no actual odor of duck excrement in the tea.

Why it is so good & unique to make bubble milk tea drinks or fruit tea drinks?

Duckshit Dancong Perfume Lemon Tea and Duckshit Dancong Fresh Milk Tea have gained popularity in China for the following reasons:

Duckshit Dancong Perfume Lemon Tea: This tea beverage cleverly combines the rich flavor of Duckshit Dancong with the refreshing aroma of lemon. The intense flavor of Duckshit Dancong imparts a robust taste to the tea, while the tanginess of lemon and the floral fragrance of gardenia add a unique twist. This combination creates a distinctive and delightful tea beverage.

Duckshit Dancong Fresh Milk Tea: This tea beverage is made by combining Duckshit Dancong with fresh milk. The rich flavor of Duckshit Dancong contributes to the tea's creamy and full-bodied taste. Additionally, the fruity aroma of gardenia blossoms infuses the fresh milk tea with a special fragrance. The smooth and unique mouthfeel, along with the aromatic notes, make it a highly sought-after choice in the tea beverage market.

These new beverage combinations blend Duckshit Dancong with other ingredients, creating a rich and stunning tea-drinking experience. The innovative style and flavor profiles are some of the reasons why these tea beverages have gained popularity among consumers.