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Lychee Oolong Tea

Lychee Oolong Bubble Tea

Item Code: XYL-006

Product name: Lychee Oolong tea

Ingredients: Oolong Tea, food-grade flavors

Infusion tea liquid: clear & bright golden brown color

Taste: thick & mellow taste with natural sweet Lychee taste

Origin: Fujian province, China

Standard:  CN standard, EU standard

Shelf time: 36 months

MOQ: 50KG(100bags) or loose leaves/CTN; or 8g/pyramid tea bag

Storage method: keep in dry place, sealed, away from direct sunlight. 

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Ice Cream Lychee Oolong tea

Material used:

Tea soup: 250 ml, fructose: 35 g, ice cubes: 200 g, ice cream ball: 1 pc.

Making process:

Pour tea soup,  fructose & ice cubes into a shaker to shake, after adding ice cream ball to enhance the taste.

Lychee Oolong fruit Tea

Material Used:

Tea soup: 220 ml, fructose : 55 g, Ice: 300 g,  lychee :80 g, dragon fruit juice :4g.

Making Process:

Put lychee , red dragon fruit juice, fructose, tea soup, ice cubes into the smoothie pot, start the smoothie machine, stir evenly and pour into the cup.


Lychee Oolong Tea

A little knowledge about Lychee Oolong tea

What is Lychee Oolong tea?

By combining the fragrance of the excellent fruit lychee from Lingnan with Oolong tea, Lychee Oolong offers a delightful blend of the Oolong's charm and the fresh sweetness of lychee.

What is special about this tea?

Lychee flavor is rich and natural, closely resembling the refreshing sensation of fresh lychee fruit. When paired with the mellow Oolong, every sip feels like enjoying lychee itself. This tea effectively addresses the issue of insufficient lychee aroma in beverages, leaving a lingering and memorable taste.

What beverage does it usually make for?

Suitable for making lychee-based fruit tea, fresh milk milk tea, and sparkling water.