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Bamboo Aroma Oolong Tea

Product name:  Bamboo Aroma Oolong Tea

Item code:  XYLOZXT-001

Ingredients:  Dancong Oolong,food-grade flavor

Origin: Guangdong, China

Standard:  CN standard

Package: 500g/bag; or pyramid tea bag

Shelf time: 36 months

MOQ: 50KG(100bags)

Storage method: keep in dry place, sealed, away from direct sunlight. 

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                                    Detailed Pictures


Bamboo Aroma Bubble Tea

Material used:

Tea soup: 180ml, milk: 60g, cream: 30g, fructose: 25g, ice cubes: 120g, tapioca pearl: 80g

Making process:
Add tapioca pearls to the finished cup, add tea soup, milk, cream, fructose, ice cubes to the shaker to shake and pour into the cup.

Bamboo Aroma Lemon Tea

Material Used:

Tea soup: 250ml,  perfume lemon: 40g, golden sugar: 30g, ice cubes: 250g

Making Process:

Add 60g of ice cubes and perfume lemons to the shaker to smash. Then add tea soup, sugar, ice cubes and shake well.


Bamboo Aroma Oolong Tea

A little knowledge about Bamboo Aroma Oolong 

What is Bamboo Aroma Oolong Tea?

Bamboo Aroma Oolong is a blend created by the R&M research and development team, combining the unique aroma of bamboo with Oolong tea. This combination adds distinctiveness and a higher level of flavor memory compared to single bamboo aroma. The bamboo aroma carries an essence of the Orient and provides a fresh and unique aroma in the market, distinguishing it from fruity and floral aromas.

What is special about this tea?

Through precise blending techniques, the tea exhibits a golden color and a smooth and refreshing taste. The fusion of bamboo aroma and Oolong tea creates a delightful experience with every sip, complemented by hints of fruitiness, milk, and oats, enriching the layers and leaving a lingering aftertaste. Oolong tea offers a lingering and mellow aroma, while the bamboo aroma brings a refreshing and sweet finish, as if being immersed in a verdant bamboo grove.

What beverage does it usually make for?

Recommended Products: Bamboo Aroma Oolong with Lemon, Bamboo Aroma Oolong with Fresh Milk.