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Oolong Tea Powder

Organic Oolong Tea Powder

Item Code: XYL-027

 Ingredients: organic-certified  oolong tea

Standard: EU & NOP organic-certified oolong tea powder

Origin:Fujian, China

Color: dark color

Aroma:roasted aroma

Taste: thick taste with pleasing roasted aroma

Package250g/bag; 500g/bag

Shelftime: 36 months

Storage method: Seal, avoid light, keep in a cool&dry place, preferably refrigerate and avoid flavor transfer


This product is oolong tea leaves ground into super fine mesh powder(at least 1200 mesh), not tea extract powder. 

Details about this tea knowledge, pls scroll down to check more! 

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Oolong Tea Ice Cream

Material used:

Olong tea powder:40g, condensed milk: 70g, ice cream powder:500g,hot water:1450ml(40 degrees),water:400ml.

Making process:
Pour the tea powder and 400ml of water into the smoothie machine and stir for about 2 minutes, then add 1450ml of hot water to the measuring pot, pour in the ice cream powder and stir evenly, then add the condensed milk and tea powder  thick liquid, stir evenly and let it stand for 20 minutes. Pour into the ice cream maker.

Oolong Tea Latte

Material Used:

Tea powder: 5g, water : 120ml, milk : 150ml, fructose :40g,  ice cubes:150g.

Making Process:

Pour the tea powder into the blender, add water and stir evenly. Add milk, fructose, and ice cubes to the finished cup and stir well, then pour in the tea powder liquid.


Oolong Tea Powder

A little knowledge about Oolong Tea Powder

What is Oolong Tea Powder?

Oolong Tea Powder is made from selected organic oolong tea leaves from Fujian province. Through careful selection and roasting processes, followed by grinding at low temperatures, the richness and aroma of oolong tea are enhanced to the fullest extent.

What is special about this tea?

 Oolong Tea Powder offers a strong and aromatic oolong tea flavor, with a rich and full-bodied taste.

What beverage does it usually make for?

Product Recommendations: Oolong Tea Frappuccino, Oolong Tea Latte, Oolong Tea Ice Cream, cookies, pastries, and more