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Peach Oolong Tea

Item Code: XYL-008

Ingredients: Oolong Tea, food grade flavor

Standard: CN & EU standard

Infusion tea liquid: clear & bright golden brown color

Taste: thick & mellow taste with high ripe peach taste

Origin: Guangzhou, China


Package way: 500g/bag; or loose leaves/CTN; or 8g/pyramid tea bag

Application: bubble tea shop, coffee& tea shop, restaurant, DIY bubble tea at home

Storage method: keep in dry place, sealed, away from direct sunlight. 

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Peach Guava Fruit Tea

Material used:

Tea soup: 200ml,  fructose: 55g, ice cubes:250g, peach: 80g,guava:50g+2pcs,dragon fruit juice:4g

Making process:
Decorate the cup with guava slices, add peaches, guava, sugar, tea soup, dragon juice, and ice cubes to the blender to make a smoothie and pour it into the cup.

Peach Lemon  Tea

Material Used:

Tea soup: 250ml, Perfume lemon: 40g, golden sugar syrup: 30g, ice cubes :250g

Making Process:

Add 60 g of ice cubes and lemon to the shaker and smash, then add tea soup, sugar, and ice cubes and shake evenly.


Peach Oolong tea

A little knowledge about Peach Oolong Tea

What is Peach Oolong tea?

Peach Oolong Tea combines the aroma of peaches with Oolong tea, resulting in a sweet and fragrant peach experience.

What is special about this tea?

Peach Oolong Tea features a refreshing fruity aroma of peaches, which harmoniously blends with the mellow Oolong tea. It offers a delightful and balanced taste that is not overly sweet, creating a fascinating and unexpected mouthfeel. With every sip, the lingering fragrance of peaches will envelop your palate. The aftertaste is long-lasting and captivating, leaving a memorable impression.

What beverage does it usually make for?

Suitable for making milk tea, lemon tea, fresh milk milk tea, milk cap tea, and fruit tea.