Hello everyone! Summer has arrived, and are you looking to add a must-have hit to your milk tea shop? Look no further! We proudly present our exclusive Pure Tea Powder Soft Ice Cream, a delightful treat with a smooth and refreshing texture, infused with the captivating essence of tea, guaranteed to make your milk tea shop the hottest spot this summer!

Our Selection of Pure Tea Powders:

We offer a wide range of 100% ogrganic-certified pure tea powders, including Matcha Powder, Black Tea Powder, Oolong Tea Powder, and White Tea Powder. All these organic tea powder are grounded by raw material diretly so fresh quality guarantee & keep well. These powders are meticulously ground from natural tea leaves, achieving a high fineness of up to 1000 mesh, preserving the original flavor and aroma of the tea leaves, ensuring an unparalleled tea experience!

tea  ice cream

Tailored for Commercial Use:

Our production process is tailored for commercial use, ensuring simplicity, speed, and efficiency, enabling you to effortlessly offer outstanding ice cream options:

Production Parameters:

Ingredients: 1 bottle of premium ice cream mix (1.5 liters), 50g of pure tea powder, 240ml of drinking water

Mixing Time: Choose the desired tea grade and stir three times

Production Steps:

Add the corresponding tea powder into the blender, followed by an appropriate amount of drinking water, and mix thoroughly.

Pour the well-blended tea liquid into the ice cream mix and stir it well.

Pour the mixture into the ice cream machine and let the magic happen!

Unmatched Flavor and Quality:

The resulting soft ice cream is velvety-smooth, luscious, and brimming with the enchanting fragrance of tea, undoubtedly outshining any ice cream made from tea soup or tea concentrate. Your milk tea shop is guaranteed to become the ultimate summer hotspot, attracting more customers, increasing your fan base, and boosting sales!

The Organic Tea Powder Factory’s Roots:

Our organic tea powder factory is nestled amidst picturesque tea gardens, situated amidst mist-covered mountains. Here, we collaborate with local tea farmers, utilizing traditional organic cultivation methods, ensuring every tea leaf is a naturally cultivated gem. After careful hand-picking, the tea leaves are sent to our factory, where they undergo meticulous processing and grinding, resulting in high-quality organic tea powders.

Green and Environmentally Friendly, Healthy and Organic:

We embrace a green and environmentally friendly approach, as well as a commitment to healthy and organic products. Throughout the tea planting and processing journey, we strictly adhere to organic agriculture standards, avoiding the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, safeguarding the health of the soil and water sources. This not only guarantees the quality of the tea leaves but also enables you to offer your customers ice cream options that are healthier and more trustworthy.

Limitless Creativity, More Tea-Infused Delights:

Beyond pure tea powder soft ice cream, we encourage boundless creativity and diversity. You can explore incorporating our organic tea powders into a variety of creative desserts, giving your milk tea shop an edge with a myriad of tea-infused delights.

Get in touch with us now to discover more details and obtain high-quality pure tea powder and production parameters. Let’s join hands to craft a unique ice cream experience, infusing your milk tea shop with an extraordinary tea aroma that will captivate your customers!

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