Bubble tea, also referred to as boba tea has gained popularity worldwide due, to its combination of chewy tapioca pearls and flavored tea. One of the factors that contribute to the flavor of bubble tea is the type of tea used as its base. Bubble tea shops offer a range of tea options, each with its distinct taste and characteristics. In this blog post we will explore the types of teas commonly found in bubble tea shops, including black teas, exotic oolongs and aromatic green teas.

1. Honey Black Tea;

Honey black tea is an slightly sweet variety of tea. It is often brewed using quality tea leaves and blended with a touch of honey for a natural sweetness. The combination of flavors from tea along with the subtle hint of honey creates a well balanced and comforting base for bubble tea.

2. Assam Black Tea;

Assam black tea is renowned for its malty taste that adds a depth to bubble tea. Sourced from Indias Assam region, this particular type of tea imparts a bodied character that complements other ingredients in bubble teas exceptionally well. It’s no wonder why it’s a choice, among those who prefer robust flavors in their teas.

3.Jasmine Green Tea;

When it comes to bubble tea, jasmine green tea adds a touch of elegance. This special tea is created by infusing jasmine blossoms, with tea leaves resulting in an soothing aroma. The light and refreshing nature of jasmine green tea makes it a popular choice for those who enjoy a milder taste in their tea.

4. Four Season Oolong Tea;

Oolong tea strikes a balance between the qualities of black teas. Four Season oolong, named after its ability to be harvested four times a year offers a smooth and subtly fruity flavor. Its versatility makes it an ideal option for bubble tea enthusiasts as it complements fruity and floral flavors.

5. Peach Oolong Tea;

Peach oolong tea combines the essence of peaches with the intricate complexity of oolong tea. This delightful blend creates flavors that are both soothing and invigorating. The addition of sweetness brings a twist to the classic oolong base.

6. Lychee Oolong Tea;

For bubble tea lovers seeking an exotic experience lychee oolong tea is the choice. The sweet and fragrant lychee fruit beautifully complements the nuanced taste of oolong tea. Every sip of this beverage transports you to shores providing an escape, from your everyday routine.

7.Rose Oolong Tea;

Rose infused oolong tea captures the essence of blooming roses in a cup. The fragrant floral aroma and gentle sweetness of petals perfectly complement the qualities of oolong tea. This particular tea variety adds a touch of romance and elegance, to the menu of bubble teas.

8. Duck Shit Oolong Tea;

Despite its name duck shit oolong tea is an esteemed variety originating from China. The unique moniker stems from a legend surrounding its discovery. Renowned for its flavor profile this oolong tea boasts notes of orchids with a subtle underlying sweetness. Its distinct taste sets it apart as a choice for those seeking a bubble tea experience.

9. Camellia Oolong Tea;

Camellia oolong tea celebrates the essence of the camellia flower, which happens to be the plant from which we harvest tea leaves. This specific blend offers a aroma with slight hints of fruitiness harmoniously combining floral and tea flavors into one delightful infusion. It’s a choice, for those who appreciate nuanced elements in their beverages.

In summary bubble tea shops offer an array of tea varieties that encompass a range of flavors catering to both traditional and adventurous palates alike. Each type contributes its characteristics to create captivating bubble tea concoctions.

Whether you’re someone who enjoys the boldness of tea the delicate flavors of tea or the intricate taste of oolong tea bubble tea shops offer a wide range to satisfy different preferences. Therefore when you indulge in your bubble tea I encourage you to pause and reflect on the tea that serves as its base.

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