In recent years, bubble tea has gained immense popularity worldwide, not only in China but also among overseas Chinese communities. However, one common challenge faced by bubble tea enthusiasts is the difficulty in finding bubble tea that matches the standards set in China. So, why is this the case?

bubble tea wholesale

Firstly, there is a lack of specialized factories dedicated to the research and production of bubble tea leaves overseas. Secondly, the tea leaves commonly supplied by wholesalers in foreign markets often lack distinctive aromas and flavors, merely offering a faint tea taste. In contrast, many large-scale bubble tea chains in China have customized their tea leaves based on desired aromas, flavors, and quality, resulting in irresistibly delicious brews that are hard to replicate.

So, how can overseas bubble tea chains or those aiming for premium taste profiles overcome this challenge? The answer lies in seeking professional bubble tea wholesale suppliers in China who can customize tea leaves according to their unique requirements and the preferences of the local market.

With such customized tea leaves, your bubble tea creations will boast exceptional flavors, aesthetic appeal, and be perfectly aligned with the taste preferences of your target consumers. This will set your products apart, helping you stand out in the market and experience a significant surge in sales.

Here’s some guidelines on how to choose these high-quality bubble tea wholesale suppliers/factories:

bubble tea wholesale
  1. R&D and bobarista deparments: Look for bubble tea tea wholesalers/factories with dedicated R&D and bobarista departments. These teams should possess extensive experience in the bubble tea industry, providing professional advice and support to help you create unique bubble tea recipes, and also help you launch new drinks frequently.
  2. High quality tea leaves source: Ensure that the bubble tea wholesaler/factory has access to high-quality and stable sources of tea leaves. The following are popular bubble tea leaf varieties in the market:

Jasmine Green Tea: A versatile tea base that works well for bubble tea, fruit tea, and smoothies. Opt for jasmine tea leaves with pronounced floral fragrance, long-lasting aroma, and a rich and less bitter taste.

Four Seasons Oolong tea: A high-mountain oolong tea that combines the elegance of oolong tea with the refreshing aroma of green tea. It is excellent for creating fruit teas and various fresh milk teas. Its aromatic and fragrant nature makes it ideal for summer beverages.

Duck Shit DanCong Oolong tea: A phoenix single bush oolong tea with strong gardenia flower fragrance, tightly rolled tea leaves, gray-brown color, golden and transparent liquor, and a rich, fresh, and lingering taste. It pairs exceptionally well with lemon tea and offers a unique flavor profile for milk tea.

White Peach Oolong: A popular flavored oolong tea in recent years, featuring tightly rolled tea leaves, a refreshing mouthfeel, and a lingering peach aroma. It contains white peach pulp and dried apple, making it an excellent choice for both lemon tea and fresh milk tea.

Mi Xiang Black Tea: A classic black tea with a rich aroma, tightly twisted and intact tea leaves, and a deep and non-astringent flavor when used in bubble tea. It offers a unique lingering sweetness, leaving a long-lasting taste in the mouth.”

  • Competitive Pricing: Choose the bubble tea wholesalers that offer tea leaves with competitive pricing and excellent value for money.
  • Good After-Sales Service: Select the bubble tea wholesalers who prioritize customer satisfaction, ensuring prompt responses and timely deliveries for a hassle-free supply experience.
bubble tea wholesale

Whether you are starting a new bubble tea venture or seeking better bubble tea wholesalers, adhering to the aforementioned criteria for selecting a bubble tea wholesale supplier will greatly enhance the taste, sales, and overall operation of your bubble tea shop.

For more information, feel free to contact us. Let’s work together to create bubble tea with unique flavors and visual appeal!”

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