The Culture of Bubble Tea

Bubble tea was first invented in the city of Taichung and Tainan,Taiwan.Bigger pellets (tapioca pearls) were modified and rapidly took over traditional little pearls. Later,different flavors,mostly fruit flavors,popped up in the city. A tea house owner in Tainan got his idea when he witnessed white pellets. He hence prepared tea using the regular pellets until he produced the black type, mixed with honey or brown sugar, that is seen nowadays. Another tea house owner in Taichung discovered the Japanese way of serving cold coffee and used this as an application for tea. The new way of serving tea pushed his business forward and several chains were put in place. This started the quick usage of the beverage.This later on led to the inclusion of tea in the menu. Bubble tea suppliers have readily increased as the beverage is highly accepted by customers in North America,mostly in areas with dense populations of overseas Taiwanese and Chinese and also in East Asia.

Bubble Tea Ingredients and The Market
Bubble tea ingredients vary depending on tea store.Normally, different kinds of green tea,oolong tea & black tea.Variation popularly in Hong Kong called yuenyeung contains black tea,milk and coffee. Decaffeinated kinds of tea are present when tea house produces the tea base. Different varieties of the drink may consist mixed tea drinks. There are also beverages that contain tea and fruit. Even though bubble tea’s origin is from Taiwan,some shops that sell bubble tea are beginning to put in new flavors that come from other countries. Examples of these flavors include hibiscus flowers,candamom and rosewater. This white pellets are the leading chewy spheres of bubble tea,but there is a wide variety of options that add the same kind of texture.These are normally black because of the brown sugar combined with the pellets.Green pearls have a little taste of green tea flavor and are usually chewier than the regular pellets. Jelly comes in different shapes:rectangular strips and stars.Toppings for Taiwanese deserts give the beverage an added flavor and texture. Cafeterias that offer bubble tea give customers a chance of selecting the amount of ice or sugar.

The Benefits of Bubble Tea
1. Boosts energy
The caffeine and sugar found in black, green,white or oolong tea make this popular Taiwanese drink a good source of energy.Overdoing the drink might not be much healthier,but with less sugar the drink can kick start metabolism.
2. Strengthens the immune system
Green tea, which is one of the most popular flavors, is said to contain many antioxidants which assist the immune system through preventing oxidative stress.Moreover, adding any kind of fruit like mango may give you a good dose of vitamin C;

3. Heart health,etc.,
There are epigallocatechin and polyphenols found in green tea especially and can have significant effects on the free radicals within your body. This can lead to cancer or heart related diseases.A high-calorie and sugar-rich diet are not really good for your cardiovascular well being, but with a healthier type antioxidants in the drink can strengthen the heart and prevent arteries from forming plaque.

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