Fruit bubble tea

what is fruit bubble tea

Fruit bubble tea is a drink that combines fruits with tea. There are flavors such, as jujube pear orange, banana, hawthorn, coconut and roselle tea bubble, among others.

There are two categories of fruit bubble tea based on the fruits used; real fruit bubble tea and frozen fruit bubble tea.

Real fruit bubble tea is made using fruits. On the hand frozen fruit bubble tea incorporates fruits as one of the ingredients.

The use of fruits in making fruit bubble tea has become popular for reasons. One significant advantage is the preservation of consistency in taste throughout the year. Since fruits are seasonal and can vary in taste from batch to batch using fruits ensures an stable flavor profile, for the beverage.

Frozen fruits offer an readily available supply of ingredients regardless of the season contributing to the popularity of fruit bubble tea.Bubble tea shops and enthusiasts can now consistently offer customers the taste and experience.

How to make fruit bubble tea with or, without milk

These days many fruit bubble tea recipes exclude milk because the combination of milk and fruit doesn’t always work well together. Additionally adding milk can overpower the flavors and textures of the fruits.

Enjoying Fruit Bubble Tea at a bubble tea shop

Sweetness Level; Fruit tea generally contains sugar than milk tea since fruits naturally have sugars. Its recommended to opt for sweetness levels or adjust according to taste preferences. For a 700cc serving the sugar content in fruit tea is as follows; sugar. 60g, 70% sweetness. 40g, 30% sweetness. 25g.

Base Selection; To enhance the texture and acidity of fruit tea you can choose yogurt or fruit juice as the base. This adds layers of flavor to the drink while reducing the need for syrup.

Fruit Selection; For a flavor and added nutritional value it’s best to use fresh fruits as the main ingredients, in fruit tea. Select fruit combinations based on availability and personal taste preferences.
To maintain a sugar intake it’s important to be mindful of the syrups and sweeteners used in beverages. If you’re concerned, about your health or reducing sugar intake it’s an idea to choose options with little to no sugar and minimize the use of syrups.

Keep an eye on your calorie intake especially when it comes to milk tea with added cream, syrup and toppings. If you have goals related to weight loss or management go for combinations that have calorie content and moderate amounts of toppings.

When you place an order don’t hesitate to ask the staff for information about the sugar content calorie count and nutritional composition. This will help you make choices.

We hope these detailed insights will help you make decisions when ordering allowing you to enjoy beverages while prioritizing your health.

DIY Fruit Bubble Tea, at Home

Here are some fruit tea recipes for you to try making at home;

Super Fruit Tea Recipe;

1. Get a serving cup. Add watermelon slices orange slices, lime slices, apple slices and half a strawberry (adjust the quantities based on your preference).
2. In a shaker cup combine jasmine green tea, fructose, kumquat lemon juice and lime juice. Add ice. Shake well.
3. Pour the mixture into the serving cup add passion fruit and stir.

Here are the rewritten procedures, for the tea recipes;

Smashed Lemon Green Tea Procedure;

Start by adding a mix of green lemon slices and some ice cubes, to a shaker cup. Use a muddler to crush the ingredients.
Next add jasmine green tea, fructose and longan honey to the shaker cup. Fill it with ice. Shake it vigorously.
Finally pour the mixture into a serving cup. Its ready to be enjoyed.

Pineapple Qingguo Tea Procedure;

Slice the pineapple into pieces that’re 8mm thick. Remove the core part. Crush it using a muddler.
In a shaker cup combine jasmine green tea, fructose, crushed pineapple, pineapple juice and kumquat juice. Add some ice. Shake it well.
Pour a portion of the mixture into the serving cup.

Dominating Orange Tea Procedure;

To prepare the serving cup line the sides with orange slices (adjust based on the cup and slice size).
In a shaker cup combine jasmine green tea, fructose orange pulp orange juice and ice. Shake everything well.
Finally pour the mixture into the serving cup.

Overflowing Pomelo Tea Procedure;

Start by preparing the serving cup. Add four slices of pomelo as some orange slices. Top it off with pomelo pulp.
In a shaker cup combine jasmine green tea, fructose, pomelo jam and ice.
First make sure to shake the mixture until its thoroughly mixed. Then carefully pour a portion of the mixture into your serving cup. Top it off with some pomelo pulp as a garnish.

We hope that these recipes and tips, for ordering will help you make fruit teas at home while maintaining your health as a priority. Whether you prefer milk tea or fruit tea we wish you an experience!

The Health Benefits of Fruit Bubble Tea

Many people create beverages with health benefits by using either beneficial fruits or combining them with tea. These drinks, known as fruit bubble tea offer advantages such as promoting health detoxifying the body nourishing the skin and supporting the healthy functioning of the spleen and stomach.

Promoting Digestive Health; Some individuals who have issues find that consuming fruit bubble tea, including the fruit pulp helps improve motility eliminates toxins from the body and prevents constipation.

Detoxification and Improved Skin Health; Regular consumption of fruit bubble tea aids in detoxification. Promotes skin, by preventing the occurrence of unwanted blemishes or skin problems.

Supporting the Spleen and Stomach; Each fruit and flower used in fruit bubble tea brings its characteristics and contributes to the high vitamin C content of the beverage, which supports the harmonious functioning of the spleen and stomach.Take grapes for instance they have an gentle taste. They are known to support the liver and kidneys boost Qi and blood circulation enhance hydration and promote urination. Apples on the hand have an cooling nature. They are great, for replenishing body fluids relieving thirst reducing heat calming restlessness nourishing the spleen and addressing diarrhea. Moreover apples are also known to help prevent constipation.

In terms of value apple fruit bubble tea contains an amount of pectin. Pectin is beneficial as it aids in promoting bowel movements and prevents the hardening of arteries. People who tend to stay up often experience imbalances, constipation, weight gain and skin deterioration. The high vitamin content and malic acid present in apples can effectively help break down stored fats preventing obesity and improving complexion.

Star fruit bubble tea consists of components like sugars, vitamin A, vitamin C, fibers and antioxidants. The natural fruit acids found in star fruit bubble tea not inhibit the deposition of melanin. Also provide moisturizing properties that benefit both dry and oily skin types. It is an option for individuals who frequently stay up late and desire skin.

If you’re looking for a refreshing option orange fruit bubble tea is rich in vitamin C. This vitamin helps protect the skin, from the effects of sunlight and computer radiation. It also inhibits the formation of pigment particles. Promotes radiant skin.

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