Jasmine Boba Tea

What is Jasmine Boba Tea?

Boba tea is a sweetened milk tea made with a base of jasmine green tea and lots of tapioca pearls. It’s often served cold and can be topped with sweet syrup or jelly to make it even more delicious. In winter, it can also be served as hot drink as well.

Now that you know what boba is, let’s talk about how jasmine boba tea differs from other kinds of boba tea. With jasmine boba tea, you’ll use jasmine green tea liquid instead of just regular black or Oolong tea liquid. This makes your drink lighter in color than other types of boba teas-and it gives it a wonderful jasmine blossoms floral aroma that will make your mouth water instantly.

How to Make Jasmine Boba Tea in a Bubble Tea Shop

Since Bubble tea shop usually have all the professional equipment and all required materials, so making jasmine Boba tea easier and more efficient with a better taste & look. The material should include: Jasmine tea, syrup, tapioca pearls, milk/milk powder (based on the bubble tea shops recipe) 

*Brew jasmine tea first in a large measuring cup(normally 2000ml)

*Strain the tea liquid through a stainless-steel filter or filter cloth bag

*Put milk powder or milk and ice cube inside the liquid with certain ratio and stir them well; this is the jasmine milk tea base

*Measure 200ml jasmine milk tea base + 25g syrup + 180g ice cube, then shake well

*Put a scoop of well-cooked tapioca pearl (normally 80g) at the bottom of plastic up, and pour the well-shake tea liquid in a plastic cup

*Add the topping you like, then ready to sip

Details brewing and making process are below FYI. You can adjust the tea steeping time or tea & hot water & ice cube ratio based on your personal taste on thick tea taste or light tea taste.

Milk powder jasmine boba tea making procedures below:

Milk jasmine boba tea making process below:

How Can I Make Jasmine Boba Tea at Home (DIY at home)?

If you want to make your DIY jasmine boba tea at home, you can follow the same above steps to make. But sometimes if don’t have so many tools or materials, still want to make a perfect cup of DYI jasmine boba tea at home, you can follow below process & equipment as well.
Below tools & materials are must to DIY jasmine boba tea at home.
* Jasmine tea
*Tapioca pearls (you can purchase the fast-cook tapioca pearls)
* Syrup or honey
* Thick milk
* Ice-cube
* Strainer
* Measuring cups

First, you need to cook the tapioca pearls. Recommend the fast-cook tapioca pearls you choose to cook, as it requires less cooking time and easy to control. 

Second, use stronger taste jasmine tea, because the jasmine tea bubble tea shops used normally has a thicker taste than home jasmine tea, you need to brew your jasmine tea longer or put more jasmine tea to steep to get the taste thick & mellow with some bitterness.  This is extremely important. If your jasmine tea liquid is not thick & bitter enough, then you will find out your DYI jasmine boba tea with no tea taste, only with milk taste.

Procedure pls follow the milk jasmine boba tea. You can adjust the tea VS hot water VS ice cube ratio based on the amount of jasmine tea you used.

What Influence the Most for a Cup of Good Taste Jasmine Boba Tea?

A cup of good-tasting jasmine boba tea is the result of many factors. It all begins with the quality of the jasmine tea itself, and then it is layered with the right amount of syrup, pearls, and aroma. These three elements are what make a great cup of boba tea!

1. Quality of tea: quality is everything.
If you want to make an exquisite cup of green tea, you have to use high-quality leaves from different regions. Most teas come from China, Taiwan. The higher grade they are, the more expensive they will be as well.

If it comes from China or Japan, expect your green tea bag to cost upwards of $20 or even more. However, if it’s grown in Taiwan then it will only cost around $10-$15 per pound depending on how many times of jasmine scenting they are. Jasmine tea is known for its charming jasmine blossom aroma and flavor, so it’s important to use high-quality jasmine tea to make sure you get the best taste and high jasmine blossom aroma possible.

2. The sweetness & quality of syrup
Syrup is also another soul of good cup of jasmine boba tea. You need to find the right syrup to match the jasmine boba tea, then it improves the overall taste, like icing on the cake. But if not the right syrup, it will decrease the taste dramatically.
We have done quite a lot of tests; everything is the same (including tea, brewing ways, making process, etc ), except syrup. Then the final cups of jasmine boba tea have quite a huge taste & flavors.

3. Quality tapioca pearls
Some people say that tapioca balls freshly made on site in the bubble shops are better than those made from assembly-line massive-production factories, because they are fresher with visible materials.  This is the psychological thoughts of most ordinary consumers.

However, most of the times, this is not correct. The most important factors influence the tapioca pearls quality are: quality of tapioca, production machines, and some food additives.  Good quality tapioca pearls should have below factors: fresh, chewy, good floral & tasty. 

Currently there are several different sizes of tapioca pearls, like 0.5cm, 0.8cm, 1cm & 1.2cm diameter big. But the most frequently-used size is 0.8cm size.

So, what do you think about this jasmine boba tea? Do you like it? We hope that we have given you enough information so that if you’re a fan of bubble tea and jasmine tea then maybe now would be a great time to try out some of these recipes for yourself. 

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