Coconut Jelly Bubble Tea

Commercial Coconut Jelly Bubble Tea: Coconut jelly bubble tea comes in various delightful flavors, such as Yangzhi Ganlu, Strawberry Ganlu, Melon Ganlu, and Peach Ganlu. The preparation process for these four variants remains the same, with only the fruits being different. The base for these beverages is ice blended, using fresh mango, strawberry, peach, or melon, crushed at the bottom of the cup.

Next, a slushy consistency is achieved using a blending machine, along with fruit puree or fruit jam to complement the chosen fruit. For the tea base, green tea or white peach oolong is typically used, paired with matching fruit puree or jam.

As for the sweetener, sugarcane syrup is recommended for its ability to enhance both the tea’s aroma and the fruit’s freshness. This combination creates a perfect balance between the tea and fruit flavors, resulting in a delightful and not overly sweet taste. Toppings usually include sago or crystal balls, with each cup holding around 500ml and containing approximately 40g of ingredients. To prepare the coconut milk base, classic coconut cream is used, either combined with milk to adjust the richness or supplemented with condensed milk for added flavor.

DIY Coconut Jelly Bubble Tea: For those who prefer making their own coconut jelly bubble tea at home, here are two recipes:

Coconut Jelly Bubble Tea1
  1. Low-fat, Sugar-free Coconut Jelly (White Agar Version): Ingredients: One aromatic coconut (extract 350g coconut water), 14g white agar, sugar (optional, as the pure coconut water already provides natural sweetness, adjust according to personal preference).

Instructions: Step 1: Open the coconut by thinly peeling the top and gently tapping along the edges to create a crack. Use a knife to gently pry it open and extract the coconut water (you can also enjoy the coconut meat on the lid).

Step 2: Cook the coconut water by pouring it into a pot and heating it to nearly boiling but not boiling (approximately 80 degrees Celsius). Add 14g of white agar and stir until well mixed. Pour the mixture back into the coconut shell, cover it with plastic wrap, and refrigerate for 2 hours before serving.

  1. Low-fat, Sugar-free Coconut Jelly (Gelatin Sheet Version): Ingredients: One aromatic coconut (200g coconut water), 100g water buffalo milk, 20g coconut milk, 15g gelatin sheets (sugar is optional).

Instructions: Step 1: Follow the same steps as above to open the coconut and extract the coconut water.

Step 2: Prepare the coconut milk by mixing coconut water, water buffalo milk, and coconut milk together. Heat the mixture to 55 degrees Celsius and turn off the heat. Add softened gelatin sheets, quickly stir until well combined, and strain the mixture into the coconut shell. Refrigerate overnight, and your coconut jelly is ready!


  • For the white agar version, ensure the liquid is heated to above 80 degrees Celsius for it to solidify properly.
  • The water to agar ratio is 1:25, adjust the white agar proportion based on the amount of coconut water.
  • For the gelatin sheet version, the entire process must be done over low heat and should not exceed 55 degrees Celsius to achieve proper solidification.
  • Soak the gelatin sheets in cold water for about a minute to soften them before use. The gelatin-water ratio is 1:20, i.e., 15g gelatin sheets for 300ml water.

The two variations offer slightly different textures, with gelatin providing a smooth and thick consistency, while white agar offers a refreshing taste.

With these recipes, both commercial and DIY, you can enjoy the refreshing and delightful taste of coconut jelly bubble tea right at home or from your favorite bubble tea shop!

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