Passion fruit bubble tea has become a sensation, in the beverage world captivating taste buds with its blend of flavors and textures. In this article we will explore the realm of passion fruit bubble tea discovering its origins, preparation process, health advantages and why it has become the choice for tea enthusiasts.

Getting Acquainted with Passion Fruit

Passion fruit (scientifically known as Passiflora edulis Sims) is a vine plant that belongs to the Passiflora genus in the Passifloraceae family. This versatile fruit can be enjoyed fresh. Used as an ingredient in culinary preparations. Its revitalizing and fortifying properties make it highly sought after. When combined with carbonated calcium and sugar passion fruits succulent pulp creates an aromatic beverage. It is also commonly utilized as an additive to enhance the quality of drinks.

Considerations for Passion Fruit

High Dietary Fiber Content; Consuming excessive amounts of passion fruit is not advisable for individuals with issues due to its dietary fiber content, which may result in diarrhea and abdominal discomfort.
Allergenic Substances; Passion fruit contains substances that may not be suitable for individuals, with a history of allergies.
Passion fruit has a short shelf life. It’s best to keep it in the refrigerator. If you notice any signs of spoilage it’s advisable not to consume it.

Lets talk about the health benefits of passion fruit. One of its qualities is its detoxification and skincare mechanism. It helps cleanse the body and prevents the accumulation of substances leading to skin quality and a more beautiful appearance.

Another advantage is that passion fruit boosts metabolism. Its strong fragrance and pleasant sweet tangy taste not quench thirst but also refreshes the mind and stimulates the appetite. It promotes the secretion of glands making digestion easier.

Now lets discuss why passion fruit is mixed into bubble tea. There are two reasons, behind this combination.

Firstly passion fruits tangy nature perfectly complements the sweetness of milk tea. The slight acidity of passion fruit adds an twist to milk teas inherent sweetness resulting in a harmonious and balanced flavor profile. This unique pairing creates a taste experience that satisfies both cravings, for sweetness and a tangy zest.
Furthermore this delightful combination is particularly enticing during the summer months when people eagerly seek out beverages to combat the heat. By incorporating passion fruit into milk tea it effectively balances out the richness of the tea while adding a rejuvenating touch. The tropical tang of passion fruit infuses the drink with a light and invigorating sensation making it an excellent choice to quench thirst and alleviate any heaviness that can sometimes accompany milk teas.

The fusion of passion fruit and milk tea caters, to those who appreciate captivating flavor pairings offering an escape from the ordinary. Whether you’re in search of a twist or a revitalizing summer indulgence blending passion fruit into milk tea provides an amalgamation of tastes that will undoubtedly leave your taste buds tingling with pleasure.

How to prepare Passion Fruit Bubble Tea

Use 700ml (Iced) cup of Passion Fruit.
For serving cup; Add 80g of creamer.
For shaking cup; Include 2 slices of lemon; muddle them with ice.
Add 50g of frozen passion fruit jam.
Mix in 150ml of snow sprout jasmine tea.
Stir, in 50g of fructose.
Add 200g of ice (fill up to the mark).
Top it off with water until reaching the mark.To prepare the Passion Orange Delight 700ml (Iced) start by adding two slices of orange to a shaking cup. Extract the juice using a muddler. Then add 50g of frozen passion fruit jam, 120ml of snow sprout jasmine tea 50g of fructose and 250g of ice (, up to the mark). Top it off with water until it reaches the 650ml mark. Shake the mixture vigorously for 20 25 times. Then carefully pour it into a serving cup.

For the Passion Mango Bliss 700ml (Iced) take a serving cup. Add mango weighing around 60g. In a separate shaking cup add two slices of lemon and muddle them together with ice. After that include 25g of frozen mango jam 30g of frozen passion fruit jam,120ml of snow sprout jasmine tea,30g of fructose and200gof ice(up tothe550mlmark). Finally topit upwith purified water until reaching the550 ml mark.Shakethe mixturefor about20 25timesandthenpouritintotheservingcup.

As for the Double Blast Passion Fruit Iced drink, in a size of700 ml startbypreparinga servingcup with60 g oftapioca pearlsand40 g of coconutjelly.Inashakingcup,add50 goffrozenpassionfruitjamand150mlof snowsproutjasminetea.Mixalltheingredientswellbefore transferringthemtotheservingcup.
Start by adding 40 grams of fructose, to the mixture. Then include 200 grams of ice making sure it reaches the 550 milliliter mark. Finally top it off with water until it reaches the 500 milliliter mark. Give it a shake around 20 25 times before pouring it into your serving cup.

For the Passion Pineapple Paradise (Iced) in a cup you’ll need to add 60 grams of pineapple chunks and crush them until they’re easily sucked up through a straw. In your shaking cup muddle two lemon slices with some ice. Add in 20 grams of pineapple jam and 30 grams of frozen passion fruit jam. Pour in 120 milliliters of snow sprout jasmine tea. Add a 30 grams of fructose. Don’t forget to include the ice up to the designated mark (550 milliliters). Then fill it up with water accordingly. Shake everything for 20 25 times before transferring it into your serving cup.

If you’re making Super Satisfying Passion Fruit Tons Barrel (1 liter) start by preparing your serving cup with a portion (100g) of frozen creamer along with a few pieces of watermelon and pineapple (around 3 4 pieces each). Also add two slices of orange for a flavor boost! In your shaking cup muddle four lemon slices, with some ice before adding in an amount (50g) of frozen passion fruit jam. Pour in around 150ml snow sprout jasmine tea. Sweeten things up with another shot (50g) of fructose.

To make the perfect serving of Passion Fruit Bubble Tea start by adding 250g of ice until it reaches the mark in the container. Then pour purified water, into the container until it reaches the 650ml mark. Give it a shake around 20 25 times to mix everything together. Finally pour the drink into your serving cup.

After conducting evaluations on Passion Fruit Bubble Tea brands available in China we have compiled our results for your reference.

The following are seven brands that offer their passion fruit series of bubble tea; Tea Bai Dao, Gu Ming, Shanghai Auntie Shu Yi Shao Xian Cao, Yi He Tang, Juan Cha and Tian La La. These brands have all reduced their sugar content to a five percent except for Shanghai Auntie which maintains a fixed sugar level.

Based on taste and overall value for money I have ranked these brands as follows;

<img draggable= Tian La La. Their Passion Pineapple and Golden Pineapple flavors are priced at a 8 yuan <img draggable=. This option combines notes of orange, pineapple and passion fruit. After experimenting with sugar and ice levels I found that half sugar, with ice is my preferred choice.

<img draggable= Juan Cha. Their Passion Pineapple Oolong flavor is priced at 19 yuan <img draggable=. Made with oolong tea as its base ingredient this tea boasts an aroma complemented by fresh and enjoyable pineapple flavor.

My friends and I both liked it a lot. Tea Bai Daos Passion Pineapple flavor costs 18 yuan <img draggable=. It might seem ordinary. It actually surprised me with its taste. The tea, combined with the scent of lemon was really enjoyable although I felt that there could have been fruit, in it.

Yi He Tang offers their Beneficial Cup Passion Fruit flavor for 13 yuan <img draggable=. Despite the prices going up recently this passion fruit bubble tea still tastes great. It comes with plenty of boba pearls and various toppings. The taste is quite similar to Gu Mings Passion Fruit flavor.

Shanghai Auntie sells their Passion Fruit and Golden Pineapple flavor for 15 yuan <img draggable=. Among the options I tried this one had a acidity level and less sweetness . If you’re not a fan of acidity you might want to go for a fruit tea. The visible pineapple chunks blend well with tea. A hint of lemon and the ingredients are fresh but it does have quite a tangy taste .

Gu Ming offers their Passion Double Duet flavor for 13 yuan <img draggable=. This one tastes almost identical, to Yi He Tangs version that even blindfolded I couldn’t tell them apart.
The prices are the same.
For their Passion Pineapple Boba Tea flavor Shu Yi offers it at 15 yuan <img draggable=. The boba, in it is quite good. Time I plan to try their Shao Xian Cao (burnt grass jelly) and succulent grape flavors instead.
To sum up in my opinion Tian La Las passion fruit bubble tea stands out as the choice due, to its combination of flavors and reasonable price. However each brand has its variation of this tropical treat to cater to different tastes and preferences.

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