lcohol Bubble Tea

Attention fellow adults! If you believed that bubble tea was exclusively, for children think again! Allow me to introduce you to the captivating realm of Alcohol Bubble Tea – a fusion of timeless flavors with a twist!

1️⃣ Buzzed Oolong Delight; Baileys + Oolong Tea
By merging the essence of Baileys with the aroma of Oolong Tea we create a mildly sweet and creamy tea cocktail – an absolute must try for any tea aficionado.

2️⃣ Lively Lemon Zest; Jägermeister + Black Tea + (Passion Fruit + Lemon + Boba)
For an invigorating treat infused with alcohol indulge in this concoction! The tangy vibrancy of Jägermeister harmonizes beautifully with tea and a burst of passion fruit, lemon and boba. It forms a fun and carefree beverage, for those who don’t typically consume alcohol.

3️⃣ Whiskey Coconut Latte; Whiskey + Creamy Coconut Milk + Black Coffee
To relish a velvety and flavorsome experience savor the blend of whiskey creamy coconut milk and bold black coffee. This exquisite drink offers the opportunity to enjoy a sense of tipsiness.

Lets explore some recipes, for your Alcohol Bubble Tea adventure. Here are a few delicious options to upgrade your experience;

1️⃣ Insta Famous Classic;
Ingredients; A bottle of Suntory whiskey. A small bottle of Baileys
Savor the flavor of oolong tea combined with the sweetness of Baileys. This version keeps it light and mildly intoxicating by skipping the milk.

2️⃣ Caribbean Delight with Mini Malibu (21%vol);
Indulge in the flavors of coconut, almond and mocha, with this Malibu rum. Mix it up with pineapple soda, ice and Malibu for a twist. Alternatively blend it with a latte, espresso or iced latte to experience an exotic sensation.

Dive into these tantalizing recipes. Enjoy the sensations they bring to your taste buds!Why not elevate your bubble tea experience to heights? These Alcohol Bubble Tea recipes are the combination of enjoyment and taste to make your palate dance, with joy and leave you craving for another sip! Here’s a toast to embracing adulthood, in the enjoyable manner possible! Cheers! 🥂🍹

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